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NEW! – PayPal Express Subscriptions

You talked, we LISTENED! – with an average of 30% purchase rate funneling through PayPal, why not let them subscribe with PayPal?! – Rebillia now allows your customers to subscribe to product purchases on your store using their PayPal accounts!

Engage, Enhance, Compete

Rebillia’s patent pending solution provides tools and systems surpassing e-commerce giants

Rebillia Impact Spectrum

Is Rebillia For Me?

Wondering if Rebillia will fit to your business? Take a look at our impact areas and see how Rebillia will help your business.

Rebillia Saved Credit Card

Enhance Customer Experience

Gain an average of +27% Orders with +16% Converstion Rate! Frictionless checkout, with Rebillia: Saved Credit Card, shopping was never easier!

Rebillia / BigCommerce

Functionality & Integration

A seamless integration providing Enterprise level solutions. Use Rebillia to unleash new functionalities in your BigCommerce store.

Rebillia Financial

Recover Declined Revenue

Approx. 35% of all online orders are declined, and about 60% can be converted! Use Rebillia to track those ‘Soft Declines’ and convert them into additional revenue!

Rebillia Core

Back-End Controls

Don’t let current functionality limitations impede your business. Learn how Rebillia gives you control and helps you manage sales.

Rebillia Recurring Orders

A Bright New Feature

Subscription functionality is now available on BigCommerce! Be among the fist merchants to offer subscription billing and recurring orders on your store.

Security Is Our First Priority

Rebillia Platform is a PCI Level 1 compliant service provider approved the PCI-DSS Council, Visa, AMEX, MC and Bank of America

Dealing with online cardholder information requires a secure framework to accept, store and transmit data over the web. Rebillia Platform exceeds PCI-DSS requirements and provides PCI compliant services to merchants around the world.

I would start with service – these guys are amazingly responsive (and oftentimes funny). They have blown away our expectations on all levels of service. Since our company is built on “service and wowing customers” we are naturally inclined to do business with those that care about service as deeply as they do. As far as the features of Rebillia – since implementing we have decreased our churn rate and increased our overall retention rate substantially. Their subscription service is a game changer for those of us who need to keep up with the likes of Amazon. Offering a subscription service to our offering has not only delighted our customers but has helped us manage our business more effectively. You wont be disappointed!

Jeff Stripp

VP Marketing & Sales, Zogics

Rebillia Platform

Better tools and systems for your e-commerce store

Rebillia: Recurring Orders

Subscriptions Made Easy Make the most of your customer relationships by automating their future purchases of products and services.  View Features

Rebillia: Saved Credit Card

Minimize Checkout Friction Give your customers the gift of a hassle-free checkout experience by removing the most troublesome part – entering credit card information. View Features

Rebillia Multi-Interfaces

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