What is Rebillia: REmail Campaigns?

The “REmail Campaigns” is Rebillia’s 3rd product release, continuing the platform’s ideals of advanced, automatic, tools that enhance a store’s online selling experience. This time – we targeted customer retention through a purchase-based, automatic, email system that will send related product offers to the customer directly to their email. More than that, with this product release, we have also released a powerfull edge to your emails – “Direct To Checkout” functionality. This will send the customer from the email directly to your checkout page, with the selected product already in the cart!

How does the pricing plans work?

The pricing for ‘Rebillia: REmail Campaigns’ is based on 2 factors – Emails per month and Queue Capacity. The “Queue” is the software that holds and manages all the triggered campaigns, showing you when an email is supposed to be sent. The “Emails per month” is your plan’s limitation as to how many emails can you send in a calendar month.

What happens when I reach my plan’s limitations?

When each of the limitations are reached, the function it supports will stop until the next time it can be used. The “Queue” will stop assigning triggered campagins and the “Emails per month” will stop sending emails in the same calendar month.

What if a customer buys multiple products that trigger the same campaign?

When the products are in the same cart, or purchased together, Rebillia will know to identify a situation like this and will only tirgger the campaign once. If there are more campaigns attached to the same products, Rebillia will also trigger them. By a rule of thumb, on every 1 order – each campaign can be triggered only once.

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