What is Rebillia: Recurring Orders for?

The Rebillia platform is all about advanced functionality, customer experience and financial control. With Rebillia Recurring Orders, you can easily create and offer subscriptions and autoship programs to your shoppers, enlisting them to a system that will purchase the products they want to purchase automatically on a cycle base. With this functionality at hand, your store will amass monthly “passive revenue”, growing at an average of 7% over each month. Your customers, at the same time, get a hassle free, one time “sign up”, shopping experience – with full future control.

Do I have any caps or limitations on my plan?

No. Rebillia: Recurring Orders offers its users unlimited growth, supporting the transition from “1-time-purchase” module to a “recurring orders” machine. Should you choose to bundle with our “Saved Credit Card” software – limitations will apply to non-subscription purchases ONLY.

Why is there a setup fee?

Introducing a store (not just the merchant or customers, but also the store itself) to an entirely new, vast, array of functionalities and options requires a savvy hand to create the first connection just right. As we believe in the value of easy integration and “plug-and-play” feel, we have decided to give back the value of the setup fee ten folds by providing pre build products, ready for customer to subscribe, and a 30-minute training session to get you in the “know-how” to create more awesome subscription offers on your store.

Will I see the recurring orders in BigCommerce?

Yes. Rebillia is fully integrated with BigCommerce and its admin panel order section. Every successful transaction created by “Rebillia: Recurring Orders” will be automatically posted in your orders section as any regular order would.

What are the customers in control of?

As part of the setup, Rebillia will add an interface dedicated to customer-control directly in to their “My Account” page, as a new clickable content. In this interface, devided by category, customers could enter new cards, edit their cards, delete cards, change card on a subscription, skip an order, change their shipping addresses, cancel subscriptions and view future deliveries 6 months ahead of delivery.

Will customers be able to use a card on an active subscription for other 1-time-purchases?

Only when bundling with “Saved Credit Card”. Without bundling, Rebillia will offer the customer a checkout view of their saved credit cards only when opting to purchase another subscription product. Should the customer not have a product set for subscription in his cart, no saved credit cards will be shown.

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