What security certification does Rebillia hold?

Rebillia is a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant software, regularly checked and tested to make sure we keep passing all its requirements. Rebillia is certified by one of the largest regulators in the market, and is recognized as a certified service provider by Bank of America.

How are the security standards being enforced?

After receiving initial compliance certification, becoming PCI compliant, the PCI-DSS council, and its certified providers, requires every company to complete compliance efforts and acceptance on a periodic basis while maintaining security checks 24/7. Not only that our certification is periodically renewed by the best PCI auditors in the business, but by using our PCI compliant services, we actively help our clients exceed their security requirements.

What is the risk of doing it alone?

By self storing credit card data you are taking the risk and responsibility for the data, and you will be required to have a QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) come onsite and perform an audit to ensure that you have all of the controls in place necessary to meet the PCI-DSS specifications. Storing credit card data without performing this process means that you might be vulnerable to attacks, and will not have the certification and protection you need to have if worst case scenario comes to push. Using Rebillia as a third party, you move the risk of storing card data to a compamy that specializes in doing that and continuously meets and exceeds all of the PCI-DSS requirements.

How do you protect sensitive information?

In order to keep information safer, both when saving and when presenting the information, Rebillia takes several steps with every piece of information. First of all, Rebillia will perform several live authentication processes, then all sensitive data goes through encryption and tokenization processes, and then, for the outmost maximum security measure, the data is splitted and saved in different safe locations.

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