What do I must have in order to integrate with Rebillia?

In order to successfully integrate Rebillia with your e-commerce store, you must:

  • Use one of our compatible gateways (See gateways).
  • Make sure your checkout page is free of JavaScript errors.
  • Make sure you are not redirecting secure pages (HTTPS) to non secure links (HTTP).

How hard is the integration process?

All of the Rebillia products come under 1 app. That means that you only need to install Rebillia once, and you can get quick access to all our products. And the 1 and only integration process you have – It is a 5 step installation wizard, which is most copy/paste commands, with instructional videos for every step. Average integration time? – 2.5 minutes!

Does Rebillia take over my gateway and processor?

No. Rebillia acts as an extension between the e-commerce store and the gateway/processor, thus it does not change nor affect the flow of information as it is without Rebillia installed on the store. Basically, instead of the platform (i.e. BigCommerce) sending the order information to the gateway – Rebillia does.

What information is Rebillia transmitting?

Rebillia transmits full order information (including products, prices, shipping and total price), full customer information (including name, address, shipping and billing) and full payment information (including card number, name on card, expiration date and security code).

Will this integration change anything in my website?

Rebillia’s only point of integration comes at the step where the shopper enters their credit card information. At this step, Rebillia will replace the platform’s code with its own. In order to keep the integrity of the website (theme, style and design) – Rebillia is built to inherit the store’s setting preferences to keep the same look-and-feel of the website.

Could my shoppers still use other payment methods?

Rebillia will only engage after the shopper has chosen to pay using a credit card. For any other choice made, if it is Checks, PayPal Express Checkout, Amazon Pay, Pick Up or anything else – Rebillia will not engage, prompting the regular next step of choice.

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