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Rate Plan Charges


Rate Plans Charges are the second half of the core of Rebillia’s subscriptions builder. They are the children of “Rate Plans” and are the content of the offer that customers subscribe to.

Introduction to “Rate Plan Charges”

A “Rate Plan Charge” (in short – “Charge”) is a component inside a customer’s subscription plan and is the part of the subscription that is translated into a line item in the recurring invoice. This is the component that holds the crucial information for the subscription to function, like frequency, price, charging model, product, lifetime etc. There is no limit to the number of charges that can be created within a Rate Plan, and they can be configured to either conditionally affect each other or operate completely individually from the rest of the charges in the same subscription plan.

Need an example? –

When signing up for a plan with your local provider, you are purchasing the “High Speed Internet & Cable” plan for $79.99/m. Have you ever looked at your monthly statement and saw the breakdown of what your plan includes? – Those are “Rate Plan Charges”:

  • $9.99 – Modem/Router Rent.
  • $45.50 – High Speed Internet Package.
  • $5.00 x 2 – Cable Boxes.
  • $14.50 – Standard 100 Channels Package.

Creating a Charge

  • Details section
  • Price section –> go over charge models , tax class.
  • Schedule section –> go over frequency types, start and end conditions.
  • Rules section –> loyalty discount rule, remain active (see confluence doc)
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